Earth from Apollo 17 donnal on the Internet

One in seven billion people on the Earth.
One can only do so much.

But when you
Share your knowledge,
You do so much!

This Web site,, was originally created to publicize a documentary film series (summer 2013), which addressed four critical issues facing us as citizens of planet Earth. As one in seven billion people on the planet, it is easy to feel insignificant. The film series was intended to show how we can make a real difference by working together. The initial step is raising awareness of the problems.

Subsequent pages here called attention to other critical conditions and situations, with links to a few exceptional Web sites at a time. The purpose of this page is to consolidate a larger number of "Likes" to Facebook pages, along with their corresponding Web sites and multimedia promotions. It is not to overwhelm the reader, but rather to present in a graphic way the truth that we are not alone in our concerns and our efforts. Each of us is but one person, but along with the outstanding efforts of countless others represented here, each one of us can do so much. Sharing our knowledge is the first step.

It is also true that this page is designed to increase awareness of the 1in7b Facebook page. You can help with this by Liking (with Notifications), Sharing, Inviting, Commenting, and otherwise promoting the Facebook page and its posts, this Web page, and the many pages represented below. You CAN make a difference. Blessings.

Think your actions are insignificant?
Browse here, and think again.
You do not act alone.

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