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Moving In
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  • Chapter Six:
    Ecological Education and Spirituality
    1. Towards a New Lifestyle
    2. Educating for the Covenant Between Humanity and the Environment
    3. Ecological Conversion
    4. Joy and Peace
    5. Civic and Political Love
    6. Sacramental Signs and the Celebration of Rest
    7. The Trinity and the Relationship Between Creatures
    8. Queen of All Creation
    9. Beyond the Sun
  • Follow Up:
    Arkansas and the world

moving in collage


  1. How do I attempt to make moral decisions in my purchasing?
  2. What barriers do I encounter in wise purchasing? What are the potential pitfalls?
  3. What "educational methods" have been helpful to me in developing new habits?
  4. How can I learn to see and appreciate beauty more often or more deeply than I do today?
  5. How does my spirituality motivate me to a more passionate concern for the protection of our world?
  6. What kind of ecological conversion is needed in the community of which I am a part?
  7. What experience am I willing to share of stopping to give thanks to God before and after meals?
  8. What simple gestures do I practice to break with the logic of violence, exploitation, and selfishness?
  9. How do I experience nature as a sacrament (a means of mediating supernatural life)?
  10. How do I experience the Eucharist as an act of cosmic love? (If I do not participate in the Eucharist, what activities medicate this cosmic love for me?)


  1. In what ways have I taken to heart the conviction that "less is more"? How do I nurture inner peace?
  2. Where does my lifestyle cry out for balance? How do I take time to recover serene harmony?
  3. How do my attitudes foster a spirit of generous care, full of tenderness? How do I display: (1) gratitude and gratuitousness, (2) a loving awareness that we are joined in a splendid universal communion?


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