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Raising the Walls, Designing the Interior
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  • Chapter Four:
    Integral Ecology
    1. Environmental, Economic AND Social Ecology
    2. Cultural Ecology
    3. Ecology of Daily Life
    4. The Principle of the Common Good
    5. Justice Between the Generations
  • Chapter Five:
    Lines of Approach and Action
    1. Dialogue on the Environment in the International Community
    2. Dialogue for New National and Local Policies
    3. Dialogue and Transparency in Decision-Making
    4. Politics and Economy in Dialogue for Human Fulfillment
    5. Religions in Dialogue with Science

Lines of Approach

integral collage


  1. How do I see the relationship between the environmental crisis and the social crisis?
  2. In what ways is variety important in my life? Where do I notice variety being diminished?
  3. What does the phrase "the common good" mean to me?
  4. What choices will I make today that affect the ultimate meaning of my earthly sojourn?
  5. How do I plan to participate in the international dialogue, especially leading up to Paris?
  6. How do I plan to join the dialogue about social and environmental ecology in Arkansas?
  7. How can I encourage local government and businesses to take a long-term outlook?


  1. How does my own indifference contribute to delaying important decisions?
  2. How does my own uncertainty contribute to the indifference of others, especially those closest to me?


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